Advance your Practice - Level 3

This class is taught by:

Sandra Winslow

My yoga journey began in 2011. Upon taking my first yoga class I knew I would be a lifelong yogi. I immediately enrolled in teacher training and received my certification a few months after my first class! I quit my job as an HR Director and began a fast track journey into full-time yogi, teaching several classes a day. It was a very scary transition but my practice allowed me to recognize my fears, overcome them, and empowered me to follow my heart. Yoga has given me the tools to begin unpeeling the layers of subconscious thoughts that do not serve me so that I may embrace life more fully with an abundance of love, compassion, and joy. When we deepen our breath and quiet our mind, we can accept and love ourselves just as we are. The people I cross paths with on a daily basis are the reason I'm on this journey. To be able to share my passion with beautiful souls every day is a dream come true. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this community and I look forward to sharing space with you. Love and blessings!

Mod Plank

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics, I spun my wheels in corporate America until I rather sanely decided to trade my cubicle for a yoga mat. I took my first yoga teacher training in the Anusara style in 2008, and I’ve been teaching ever since. Along my journey, I’ve become a Certified AIReal YogaTM Instructor and a performance acrobat. I like to think that my classes are playful yet still focused on alignment, proper body mechanics, and making deeper connections, as well as lots of handstand-y postures and cheesy jokes.

I’m a performer at heart and cirque is my passion. I’ve had the opportunity to perform at many venues across southern California, as well as on reality television. If you want to catch me on the small screen, I can be found on Season 2 of truTV’s “Fake Off,” performing alongside members of Astra Dance Theatre while wearing very big hair and gobs of makeup.

I consider yoga to be a central element of my wellbeing. I’ve used my practice to help piece myself back together after a moderate lumbar injury and, in a separate incident, a serious neck fracture. I find yoga to be a multifaceted package of awesome, and I love the opportunity to share the practice’s many benefits with my students, and quite frankly, anyone willing to give me an ear.

When I’m not teaching yoga or performing circus arts on stage, I’m working on my urban farmstead. Together with my husband (acro and life partner), I grow my own veggies, raise livestock, preserves foods, brew kombucha, sew, and make almost every meal mostly from scratch. I am the proud mama of two turkeys, too many chickens to count, 3 pygmy goats, and two very spoiled cats. I may have left college with a mundane bachelor’s degree, but Berkeley, known for its books and Birkenstocks, definitely planted a seed. It just took a few years and a whole lot of yoga to help me discover my inner granola-eating-greens-sprouting-animal-rescuing-organics-promoting-asana-practicing-tree-hugging-hippie. 

Advance Your Practice is a 2-hour advanced class taught by one of YogaBody’s lead instructors. In this workshop-style environment, students will take a closer look into alignment, adjustments, assisting, partner work, and the like.
-Forearm Balance*
-A working knowledge of basic poses and the ability to work independently.
*Unassisted at the wall.
OR, prior approval from the instructor.
No injuries please.

Upcoming classes:

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