Audrey Espinosa

I was drawn to my first yoga class in my early 20's looking for relief for my achy body from a physically demanding job. Suffering from tendinitis, back and joint pains, all the poses didn't come easy to my stiff body!It took me a long time to just touch my toes and I'm still find it a challenge to balance on one foot let alone both my hands!Stress is the leading factor keeping me on the mat, so much it inspired me to become certified RYT-200 in 2013. Since then I've taken a number of intensive workshops with Ana Forrest, Yoga Medicine, Annie Carpenter, and Prenatal Yoga with Ma yoga. In my free time you will find me in the garden with my succulents and cacti! Or traveling with my husband! Expect my class to be vinyasa flow based, sweaty, stretchy and hands on! Every class is sequenced to create an atmosphere of stillness in movement. Where strength, stamina and flexibility gracefully meet. My mission is to help my students find that mind body connection through proper alignment, breath work, and hopefully a smile or giggle here and there! Yoga is not only breathing through difficult poses but what you learn about yourself in these moments on your mat. What goes through your mind. The conversation with yourself. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative. This is when your practice begins! This is how release and progress happens, when you find patience with your body and stillness in your mind. That is yoga to me!

Audrey Espinosa instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa 60
  • A more challenging intense flow of dynamic movement linked with breath in a heated room to encourage detoxification through sweat and enhance muscle and joint opening. This is an intermediate to advanced class that focuses on transitions and poses that help to develop greater strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on safe alignment and mindful breathing. Be prepared to work hard, let go, and sweat!

    Level: intermediate to advanced
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Temperature: 95°-100°
    Music: yes

  • Prenatal Yoga 60