Hannah Cortez

I began practicing yoga at 14 years old after a back injury in high school. I fell in love with everything about it, and would practice wherever I could, from LA Fitness to YouTube videos at home. In college I took yoga classes at Vanguard University and it was then that I decided to deepen my practice with a 200 hour certification. It took 3 years to find the right program but finally I began teacher training at YogaWorks in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles in March 2016. Shortly after I completed my 200 hour training I started teaching around Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Orange County.

Hannah Cortez instructs the following:
  • Beginning Yoga
  • This class is perfect for the beginning yoga student with no experience or for those looking to revisit a slower paced class focusing on proper alignment. Our experienced teachers will guide you safely through transitions and the fundamentals of basic yoga poses to help create a solid foundation for your practice. We will teach you how to breath mindfully to reduce stress levels, to create better body awareness for a healthier body, and help you to enhance your self-confidence in each pose. You are always encouraged you to go at your own pace. 

    Level: 0-1 (beginner)

  • Gentle Yoga
  • This class focuses on gentle poses and transitions, emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment. Perfect for beginners, people with chronic pain conditions, and for the experienced yogi looking to complement a strong practice with a deeper release and subtle alignment.

    Level: All Levels (beginner friendly)
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Music: yes