Diedra Robles

Diedra Robles instructs the following:
  • Power Lunch: Hot Vin 45
  • Power Lunch with us! This is a 45-minute class designed for those on a tight schedule.
    After a short opening mediation and warm up, you will be guided through a powerful vinyasa flow to get your breath flowing, blood pumping, and sweat building to clear the mind. A short savasana to seal it in and you are on your way! 

  • Warm Vinyasa 60

  • Intro to Vinyasa 60
  • A class for the experienced beginner who wants a more challenging practice. Postures will be linked
    with breath and movement in a dynamic flow. Students will build strength, heat,  endurance and body awareness through this cardio flow.
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Temperature: 78-82 degrees
    Music: yes